We are a consulting firm, established in 2007, in Athens, Greece, offering expert services to companies from a diverse range of industries in both private and public sector. Effort and consistency in quality service have positioned our firm among the top consultancy agencies in Greece.


We focus in 4 areas of business performance:

  • Top Line Growth

We offer a 360° situational review of the company from sales and marketing perspective and suggest actions and plans that will improve top line performance. Upon customer agreement, we assist in the implementation phase.

  • Operational Cost

We scan and analyze production and logistics processes and suggest actions that will improve efficiency and lower costs.

  • Human Capital

We propose appropriate performance management schemes and training and participate in implementing them.

  • Project Finance

Being our core business, we provide specialized knowledge for securing project funding through Structural Funds and EU Programs for SME, Horizon 2020,etc.

Our scope is to expand our operations outside Greece via co-operations in Eurasian countries, focusing primarily in Azerbaijan, as well as to promote several of our clients’ products and/or services in the region.

VK PREMIUM relies upon a pool of several expert associates with hands on managerial experience from a variety of companies and industries, in Greece and abroad.

Our Mission

We bring the right people together and work with our clients to maximize client satisfaction and secure long-lasting and meaningful business relations.

Our Vision

We will be the premier consultancy agency, offering superior service to our customers, in funding, developing and implementing their ideas and plans, in Greece and abroad.

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For further information please fill the bellow contact form, send email at : info@vkpremium.com or call us : + 30 210 6835560

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