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20 June 2020
Available options for deploying a medical cannabis investment in Greece

Available options and schemes for deploying a medical cannabis investment in Greece

VK PREMIUM supports its clients during the decision-making process to select the suitable option for a successful deployment of a Medical Cannabis Investment in Greece.
12 May 2020
Business loans with 80% Guarantee Rate - Greek warranty Fund Covid-19

Business loans with 80% State guarantee for collateral – Greek warranty Fund Covid-19

The program refers to new Business loans with 80% Guarantee Rate "Greek warranty Fund Covid-19", in order to meet the increased liquidity needs of businesses. 
12 May 2020
Working capital with a two-year interest rate subsidy

Working capital with 100% interest rate subsidy for the first two years from TEPIX II

On May 20, 2020, the new cycle of applications for working capital loans with full interest rate subsidy (interest-free for the first two years) from TEPIX II will begin.
22 April 2020

Subsidies for new personnel, hardware, software & communication systems for companies in Greece

Companies of Law 89/1967 may receive subsidies for the recruitment of new staff, installation of information and communication systems and other expenses.
9 April 2020

Tax exemptions for investments in CapEx under the Greek investment incentives Law

The Investment Incentives Law scheme "Mechanical Equipment Aid", aims to strengthen businesses with tax exemptions up to 55% concerning expenses for capital.
7 April 2020

Financing incentives for Greek businesses affected by Covid-19

A series financing incentives have been decided by the Greek Government to support the economy and Greek businesses that have been severely affected by Covid - 19 pandemic. €1 billion financing framework will be implemented.

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