VK PREMIUM is an advisory firm, established in 2007, in Athens, Greece, offering expert services to companies from a diverse range of industries in both private and public sectors.

VK PREMIUM has the proven ability to manage complex projects, multiple resources, and cross-functional teams to develop customized Business Strategies to deliver successful results in a cost-effective & efficient manner. 

During its sustainable growth path of circa 16 years to date, VK PREMIUM assisted and facilitated business needs and objectives to over 3000 large as well as SMEs in Greece across all industries.  

VK PREMIUM Business Growth Consultants focus on three areas of business performance:

EU co-financed Investment Incentive Programs 

VK PREMIUM’s core business is to provide expert know-how for securing project funding through the Strategic Incentives Programs, State Funds, Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), EU Structural Funds and EU Programs. Its scope is to support its clients to get the most out of the available aid schemes (cash grants, tax exemptions, wage cost subsidies, etc.). 

VK PREMIUM is the only firm in Greece that crucially contributed to the successful approval and award of the highest cash grants to its clients’ investment projects.  

Business Advisory Services

VK PREMIUM via its business valuation approach, proposes and assists in the implementation of Business process reengineering (BPR) aiming to enhance company efficiency and profitability. 

Through its Top Line Growth approach, VK PREMIUM offers a 360° situational review of the company covering sales, marketing, etc. and suggests actions and plans to improve top-line performance. Upon customer agreement, VK PREMIUM also assists in the implementation phase. 

Through its Operational Cost approach, VK PREMIUM, scans and analyzes production & logistics processes and suggests actions that will improve efficiency and streamline costs. 

Through its Human Capital approach, VK PREMIUM proposes and implements the appropriate performance management schemes as well as incentive and training programs.

Medical Cannabis 

VK PREMIUM provides integrated Services throughout the process of the medical cannabis investment in Greece covering financing, licensing, strategic planning, facility build-up as well as business development. 

Our Mission

We bring the right people together and work with our clients to maximize client satisfaction and secure long-lasting and meaningful business relations.

Our Vision

We will be the premier consultancy agency, offering superior service to our customers, in funding, developing and implementing their ideas and plans, in Greece and abroad.

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For further information please fill the bellow contact form, send email at : info@vkpremium.com or call us : + 30 210 6835560

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