Briefing Session on Residence Permits for third country citizens investing in Greece
19 September 2013
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Wind Energy
6 February 2014

Approved Investment projects through Fast Track procedure – Greece


Within 2013, the recenly iniciated Fast Track procedure, gave the opportunity to individuals or to public-private partnerships to plan Strategic Investments, to receive all necessary permits and to proceed to implementation phase through a flexible and quicker process.

fast-track-procedure-projects1These are the approved investment projects (among others) have been included in the Strategic Investments Procedures of Law No. 3894/10 (Fast Track procedure) in Greece:

“GOLD MINES OF THRAKI Α.Β.M.E” which is subdiary of Canada’s Eldorado Gold Corporation, invests in the mining industry.

The project is about gold mining development within designated mining concessions, located in Evros region at north-eastern Greece.

According to “GOLD MINES OF THRAKI Α.Β.M.E”, the project implements environmental friendly technology in all aspects of mining functions. Additionaly during the whole project, quality tests will be applied to prevent any damages to water resources, soil, and the ambient environment.

Silcio Photovoltaic Parks S.A. of the Copelouzos Group, will invest in the development of Photovoltaic Plants of total production capacity of 125 MW.

This investment will contribute to Greece’s objective to increase the percentage of Renewable energy sources in the total energy balance.

It is a project that will have important environmental benefits, since it will reduce the annual CO2 emisstions.

BRITE HELLAS SA invests in the the development of a high technology 100MW solar power plant in the Municipality of Prosotsani, Region of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace.

The estimated value of this investment in Greece is € 204 million.

Greece is the ideal place for such solar power plans due to it’s high sunshine levels.

On a national level, the investment will contribute to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) by 140,000 tons per year, corresponding to the electricity production from burning 400,000 tons of lignite.

In a second phase, part of the revenues will financiate a pilot production plant for innovative translucent solar panels that can be used as windows in homes, office buildings and greenhouses.

ITANOS GAIA, a tourism development of five luxurious hotels of total capacity of 2000 beds will invest € 267 Million in the project.

The project includes hotel development, an 18 hole golf course and an international level spa.

The Project has been designed in a sustainable manner utilizing innovative technologies aiming at zero impact on available water resources and will be supported by an accredited environmental management system aiming to ensure all environmental parameters of the project.