Phοtovoltaic Plants Project
9 November 2017
Feasibility Study for Biomass/Biogas Plants
20 November 2017

Biomass/Biogas Plants Project


Assignment name: Biomass/Biogas Plants

Country: Greece

Location within country: ATHENS

Budget of the project (in Euro): 9.162.000 €

Narrative description of Project:

Technical and financial feasibility study, Investment valuation, Permitting procedure, EU – Grant procedure, Project management, Support at the conclusive controlling-evaluating procedure from the Authorities and at the EU Grant disbursal

  • Preparation and Submission of the application to the Investment Incentives Law – Grant Procedure
  • Business Plan deployment
  • Support throughout the evaluation process
  • Management during the implementation stage of the construction of a Photovoltaic Station for Electrical Power Production.
  • Technical and financial feasibility study.