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Medical Cannabis in Greece: 5 reasons to invest in Greece

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Why to invest in Medical Cannabis in Greece?


Greece is one of the very few countries in the European Union (EU) that has established a favorable legal environment for medical cannabis investments

A number of Investors from countries such as Israel, Canada, and the USA have already commenced their cannabis investment projects.  The first installation licenses are already issued within a short period of time while many more are in the pipeline.

Greece’s distinctive competencies in medical cannabis investments are:

  1. The first country in EU to legislate an attractive institutional framework for the establishment and processing of pharmaceutical/medical cannabis.
  2. The fast truck processes for licensing authorization.
  3. The fact that Medical Cannabis products are licensed as medicine 
  4. The favorable climate. Greece records more than 300 days of sunshine a year, which results in significant energy saving. The average temperature for at least six months per year is in the range of 16-24 ° C, temperatures at which the growth of medicinal hemp is favored.
  5. The skilled workforce, cheap energy cost and relatively low cost of land.


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VK PREMIUM Business Consultants is a boutique consulting firm offering expert services to companies that aim to invest in the medical cannabis business in Greece including cultivation, processing and marketing of relevant products.

Through its vast knowledge, knowhow, experience and network, it facilitates the fast realization and successful implementation of investment schemes. Our constant effort and consistency to deliver high quality services, have positioned our firm among the top consultancy agencies in Greece.
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