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19 April 2019
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CANNATEC GREECE SA has been licensed in Greece


Medical Cannabis in Greece News

One more company was licensed for medical cannabis in Greece

Installation license to “CANNATEC GREECE SA”

One more installation approval have been issued to the GOLDEN GREECE HOLDINGS Group of Companies active in the Medical and Industrial Cannabis area with the distinctive title CANNATEC GREECE SA in the municipality of Paionia N. Kilkis. The license was published on 6 May 2019 in the Government Gazette (leaflet 1505).

The capital of the investment amounts to 50 million euros, with which 200 new jobs will be created, according to the company.

CANNATEC GREECE SA, which is a Canadian business, has decided to expand to Europe and has chosen Greece, due to the favorable law that has come into force recently, but also due to the favorable climate of the country.

The prolonged sunshine of the country will give a significant leverage to the therapeutic value of the company’s formulations compared to those produced under the influence of artificial light and conditions in the Nordic countries. The company aims to produce high quality organic pharmaceutical preparations that will contribute to the treatment of diseases and health promotion.

The company’s choice was to settle in border-frontier Greece where the new jobs created will keep young people in the area and the influx of capital from Canada will help the economic and social recovery of the region.


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