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1 October 2019

Subsidies for Medical Cannabis, Tourism, Logistics investments by the Investment Incentive Law

More than 400 million € of investments were awarded to VK PREMIUM’s clients in areas such as modernisation, renovation, expansion of existing facilities
30 August 2019

Horizon 2020 – What you should know if you wish to get funded by the EU

If you have ever thought about applying for EU funding, you have probably felt lost in the maze of information provided. Ηere are some useful points tο put your thoughts on track.
10 July 2019
Medical Cannabis Investments

Interview of Costas Vamvakas about the Investment Environment for Medical Cannabis in Greece

Costas Vamvakas  Managing Director of Greek business consultancy VK PREMIUM « I HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN BUSINESS FOR MANY YEARS […]
19 June 2019

M & A Project in progress

VK PREMIUM is currently working as a buy-side advisor on a M&A project in the food industry. Our Client is interested in buying a medium size chain of bakery and confectionery stores.
20 August 2018

Project for bidding in the pharmaceutical industry

  Subject : Business Plan for bidding Country : Greece Location within country : Athens VK PREMIUM took over and […]
19 August 2018

Project for bidding in the field of medical technology

  Subject : Business Plan for bidding  Country : Greece Location within country : Athens VK PREMIUM provided its services […]
26 June 2017

The Greek retail sector, recovering yet changing

The retail sector looks to be recovering but there is a shift in development from the small local grocery stores and clothing stores to large malls and centers.
21 June 2017

Horizon funds section of EuroAsia Interconnector Project

With the energy challenge at the forefront for so many economies, three nations – Israel, Cyprus and Greece – seek to enhance their growth and prosperity.
16 November 2016
Investment Opportunities in Greece

Investment Opportunities in Greece – Active Projects

Short presentation of the most active sectors of the Greek economy, offering opportunities for investments. VK PREMIUM provides valuable assistance.
11 May 2016
Management Consultancy Alliance

Management Consultancy Alliance of VK PREMIUM, UBM Group & T&I

VK PREMIUM Business Consultants, UBM Group, and T&I Consultancy Alliance have joined forces to provide management, business and marketing consulting services .
17 March 2015
Subsidized Programs Programmes Management

European Co-Financed Programmes Management

VK Premium’s European Projects Consultants specialize in the management, implementation and administration of European co-financed projects of 2014-2020.
6 February 2013
More 6 February 2013 Education and training operational processes

Education and training operational processes

We have developed an approach and format for education and training operational procedural and technical processes for material handling solutions and warehouse management systems that combines
6 February 2013

Outsourcing 3PL relationships

The percentage of logistics activity provided through 3PLs is on the rise. With many more companies evaluating the viability and the benefits of outsourcing 3PL relationships, it is increasingly important to know
6 February 2013

Waste Management

Waste Management
6 February 2013

Quality Assurance Systems

Quality assurance systems
6 February 2013


6 February 2013

Accelerated Strategic Investment

Accelerated Strategic Investment
6 February 2013