Investment Incentives Programs

10 March 2020
Grants & Subsidies for enterprises via the Greek Investment Incentives Law

Grants & Subsidies up to 55% for enterprises under the Greek Investment Incentives Law

Εnterprises can receive considerable cash grants, subsidies or tax exemption from the Greek state, so they can start or further develop their business activities in Greece. 
12 November 2019

Subsidies for new personnel, hardware, software & communication systems for companies in Greece

Companies of Law 89/1967 may receive subsidies for the recruitment of new staff, installation of information and communication systems and other expenses.
17 January 2018
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Greek Investment Incentives Law – Key Objectives

Investment Incentives Law in Greece The objective of the New Investment Law is to promote economic development in the country
19 May 2014

Investment Incentives Law

The objective of the New Investment Incentives Law is to promote economic development in the Greece, strengthen investments which improve entrepreneurship.
19 November 2013

Approved Investment projects through Fast Track procedure – Greece

These are the approved investment projects (among others) have been included in the Strategic Investments Procedures of Law No. 3894/10 (Fast Track procedure) in Greece.
19 September 2013

Briefing Session on Residence Permits for third country citizens investing in Greece

New favourable regulations on granting residence permits to third-country citizens whose investments are strategic or real estate investments in Greece.
6 June 2013

Fast Track Law is enhanced and broadened

Under the law “Creation of a Development Friendly Environment for Strategic and Private Investments” (4146/2013) Greece’s successful Fast Track Law is enhanced and broadened, simplifying the licensing procedure which is an important factor for strategic investments.
6 February 2013

New Investment Law 3908/2011

New Investment Law 3908/2011
6 February 2013

Accelerated Strategic Investment

Accelerated Strategic Investment