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17 March 2015
European funding program DIGITAL AGENDA FOR EUROPE

European funding program DIGITAL AGENDA FOR EUROPE

Phase 3 of program "European digital Finance Scheme AGENDA FOR EUROPE" is the FIWARE Accelerator (130 mil.€) to fund digital projects.
8 July 2014

Results for Horizon’s 2020 SME Instrument – first period

The European Commission announced the first very positive results for Horizon’s 2020 SME Instrument – first period.the results have surpassed expectations with 2.666 submitted proposals.
2 June 2014

The SME Instrument: a HORIZON 2020 initiative

The SME Instrument is a HORIZON 2020 initiative regarding Small and Medium-sized Enterprises emphasing in Innovation, provided with a € 3 bilion funding budget for years 2014-2020.
25 May 2014

Project Horizon 2020

Project Horizon 2020 is a substantial Research and Innovation program, created by the EU, in order to support and encourage research in the European Research Area. It will cover a seven year period (2014-2020) with an estimated €80 billion of funding.
13 May 2014

Greek’s map for granting the regional development aid between 2014 – 2020 is approved

The European Commission gave his approval for Greek's map for granting the regional development aid between 2014 and 2020. This regional map is based on the new regional aid guidelines which have been adopted by the Commission last June (2013).
19 November 2013

Approved Investment projects through Fast Track procedure – Greece

These are the approved investment projects (among others) have been included in the Strategic Investments Procedures of Law No. 3894/10 (Fast Track procedure) in Greece.
19 September 2013

Briefing Session on Residence Permits for third country citizens investing in Greece

New favourable regulations on granting residence permits to third-country citizens whose investments are strategic or real estate investments in Greece.
25 April 2013

Key points of the Investment Incentives Law – Greece

The Investment Incentives Law provides a solid basis for all investors and aims at speeding up the approval process for approved investment projects and includes several new positive provisions.

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