3 December 2021
Energizing Greece

VK PREMIUM as Main Contributor of the Energizing Greece conference supports the development of the country

VK PREMIUM participated as a Main Contributor in the conference "Energizing Greece" which aims at the energy upgrade of the country and the development through investments.
6 February 2014
Wind parks

Wind Energy

Wind, or aeolic, power is driving growth in the renewables sector and represents a huge investment potential in Greece. The superb wind resources in Greece are among the most attractive in Europe, with a profile of more than 8 metres/second and/or 2,500 wind hours in many parts of the country.
6 February 2013
investment projects in PV Parks

Licensing Procedure for investment projects in PV Parks

Licensing Procedure for investment projects in PV Parks.The following procedure concerns PV Parks over 500kW
6 February 2013
Biomass and Bio-fuel

Biomass and Bio-fuel energy

Biomass and Bio-fuel energy means Investing in the Future.In Greece, the agricultural sector accounts for more than 5% of GDP, more than three times the EU average of 1.8%.
6 February 2013
Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is A Green Opportunity. Greece lies in a geographic position that is favorable to geothermal resources, both high temperature and low temperature.
6 February 2013
Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar Energy is One of the core components of Greece’s energy profile will be solar, or photovoltaic, energy. Greece has a superb sun radiation capacity and it is estimated that one third of Greece’s energy requirements could
6 February 2013
Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources – RES

Greece, and the European Union, have established key priorities and binding policies related to the production of electricity from renewable sources. To establish security and diversification of its energy supply, and ensure environmental protection and sustainable development, Greece promotes the establishment of power using renewable energy sources.