European funding program DIGITAL AGENDA FOR EUROPE
European funding program DIGITAL AGENDA FOR EUROPE
17 March 2015
EU Business Survey Azerbaijan 2016
EU Business Survey Azerbaijan 2016
27 September 2015

European Co-Financed Programmes Management

Subsidized Programs Programmes Management

VK PREMIUM European Projects Consultants specialize in the management, implementation and administration of European co-financed projects (Horizon 2020, Erasmus +, Interreg, Jessica, Black Sea Cross Border Cooperation, MED, South East Europe, Europaid, Daphne, Digital Agenda for Europe, Espon, European Regional Development Fund, European Social Fund).
In the current programming period 2014-2020, the European Union offers many opportunities to fund innovative ideas and projects.
The scope and structure of the European funds and direct subsidies allow the European Union to continue to offer a wide range of funding opportunities in Member States.

As far as it regards the current financial programming period 2014-2020, VK PREMIUM European Co-Financed Programmes Management offers a wide range of services in the public and private sectors, including:

  • compilation and management of the budget for implementation of the European co-funded program
  • monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • essential partnerships building
  • reports on the European research funding policies
  • establishment of a European co-funded project, as well as development and implementation of innovation strategies
  • customer information and necessary data collection in accordance with the requirements of the Program.
  • analysis of the market where the investment proposal aims, focusing on innovation and originality of the action that will be offered in this market.
  • communication with the competent carriers of the services.

VK PREMIUM European Co-Financed Programmes Management places particular emphasis in:

  • the excellence of the proposal of the European co-funded project
  • the impact that the proposal will have in the European area as well the European market
  • the efficiency of implementation of the proposal
  • the monitoring and counseling on European funding policies.
  • the writing of the proposals for funded European Programmes
  • the writing and preparation of reports, deadlines monitoring while ensuring the highest quality of deliverables of the project in accordance with the European Community Programs instructions
  • the development of a research idea
  • the detection, documentation and research focus and targets configuration
  • the time work plan of research activities
  • the financing of the research activities
    the necessary negotiations and contracting
  • the project’s research management
  • the analysis of the needs and requirements
  • the financial and operational analysis

VK PREMIUM European Co-Financed Programmes Management supports and facilitates the continuous flow of information.
Specifically VK PREMIUM European Projects Consultants provide coordination and implementation of communication activities for the creation of partnerships, which have clearly defined structure with roles and responsibilities within the European Co-funded program, according to the corporate communication guidelines of the European Strategies and Programs.
The main objective of these actions is the realization of the company specific goals in order to create a responsible and esteemed company image both within and across borders.
Finally, the services include, inter alia, the creation of ideas, writing, designing and drafting of the customer’s proposition of one of the European co-funded programs as well as the required actions within the context of the communication plan.
VK PREMIUM has established a pool of specialized partners with excellent and long lasting experience in running European-financed programs and procedures.
For more information contact directly with the VK PREMIUM European Co-Financed Programmes Management Dept., to advice and recommend on your business opportunities that you may benefit from the European co-funded programs.
For more information please contact:

European Programmes Dpt.
71, Amarousiou Chalandriou Street, 15125 Marousi
Tel.: +30 210 6835560, Fax: +30 210 6835551

VK PREMIUM BUSINESS CONSULTANTS LTD, one of the best and fast growing consulting companies established in 2007 with the scope of providing specialized services to companies and organizations from the commercial, services and manufacturing industries, from the private and public sectors. VK PREMIUM guides its clients into selecting the appropriate investment incentive programs, as well as EU co-financed programs (i.e. Horizon 2020 etc.) that perfectly meet the needs of their business as well as into organizing, developing and applying best practices. The company carries significant knowhow and has consulted over 600 companies from several sectors of the economy including tourism, logistics and supply chain, renewable energy sources, waste management and energy conservation, food and beverage.