Feasibility Study for a manufacturing company

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20 December 2017
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17 January 2018

Feasibility Study for a manufacturing company

Management Consultancy Alliance


Subject : Technical and financial feasibility study 

Country : Greece 

Location within country : Voiotia


VK PREMIUM took over and completed a technical and financial feasibility study for a large company who processes metal waste by turning it into secondary raw materials. 


Narrative description of Project:

  • Technical and financial feasibility study,
  • Investment valuation,
  • Permitting procedure,
  • EU – Grant procedure,
  • Project management,
  • Support at the conclusive controlling-evaluating procedure from the Authorities and at the EU Grant disbursal


Our services provided :

  • Preparation and Submission of the application to the Development Law – Grant Procedure
  • Business Plan deployment
  • Support throughout the evaluation process
  • Management during the implementation stage
  • Technical and financial feasibility study

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