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6 February 2013
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6 February 2013

Freight – Ports and Maritime

Freight – Ports and Maritime

The Ports and Maritime Freight industry is challenged by global port competition, road and rail congestion, environmental considerations, lack of new infrastructure and other issues.

In turn, supply chains around the world are affected by all these issues, as well as by evolving port security requirements, carrier service costs, and the fluctuations of global economies.

VK Premium can analyze your current or intended route and determine the possibilities and restrictions.

With our tools, you can look up the supply chain from the distribution center to the point of origin.

You can also reduce expenses through our analysis of your supply chain’s efficiency.

We pinpoint the type of improvements that can be made to increase your supply chain’s physical capacity, reliability, flexibility, and speed as it relates to Ports & Maritime.

Select an ocean carrier, intermodal rail carrier, trucking firm, air cargo carrier or other transportation provider, including 3PLs, with confidence using our sourcing strategies.

With the help of our expertise, you can fully understand the economic impact that your freight route has within your supply chain today and in the long run.

We can also help you navigate the changing security requirements that affect your supply chain’s route through the maritime and multimodal transportation network.