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11 May 2021
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Greece offers investment incentives to attract foreign investors and individuals
7 September 2021

Greece introduces the Digital Nomad Visa to attract high level professionals

The Greek government introduced the Digital Nomad Visa allowing residence in Greece for the purpose of providing teleworking exclusively abroad.

It should be noted that the corresponding amendment to the article 18 of Law 4251/2014 generally refers to the possibility of granting an entry visa to third country nationals for the purpose of completing a specific purpose and providing seasonal work.

Another point that is introduced by the Foreign Minister, is that while the stay for everyone is initially three months, for the British it will be six months, as Brexit creates the conditions for the transfer of digital nomads to other countries.

The amendment gives the possibility of a new application of the interested party after the expiration of the initial period, while it will requires strict guarantees:

  • a) that the interested party (and his / her partner) will not be employed in the Greek labor market and
  • b) that the interested party will have income sufficient for livelihood

The ultimate goal through this process is to make Greece a destination that attracts high level professionals that provide teleworking to clients located in other countries.

In the second year,  the Digital Nomads could become tax residents of Greece, and therefore have a reduced tax of 50% for 7 years in case they relocate to Greece.

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