Significant cash grant approval from the Greek state for the €99.8 mil. investment plan of Intertrade Hellas
€ 25 mil. cash grant approval for the € 99.8 mil. investment plan of Intertrade Hellas
28 September 2023
C.Vamvakas, CEO of VK PREMIUM spoke during the 25th Annual Greek Investor Forum
4 December 2023

€ 32 mil. cash grant approval for a biotechnology investment plan

Greek Government approved the biotechnology investment plan from the joint venture of Orgenesis & Theracell under the Strategic Investments framework

VK PREMIUM has successfully supported the approval from the Greek State of € 83 million investment of the biotechnology companies Orgenesis Inc. & Theracell Advanced Therapies within the framework of the strategic investment program of national importance.

The joint venture of Orgenesis  Inc. with Theracell Advanced Biotechnology S.A. in Greece has been designated a “Priority Investment of Strategic National Importance.” 

The investment is expected to enhance advance development and clinical use of cell and gene therapies within the point-of-care setting and deliver personalized, advanced therapies through a scheme that aims to provide patients with cell and gene therapy treatments that are affordable, available, and accessible.

The Greek grants will be used to:

  • Create mobile units in hospitals for the production of cell and gene therapies
  • Complete the industrial operation and automation research of mobile units for mass production of therapies
  • Experiment the development of therapies through clinical trials
  • Produce and distribute new cell & gene therapies
  • Create new jobs

The project involves the development of Orgenesis’s POCare platform, which will transform the cell and gene therapy market, by bringing life-saving therapies to market in a much more affordable and accessible manner. According to Vered Caplan, CEO of Orgenesis, “Greece is pushing ahead as a regional technological hub where entrepreneurship drives innovation and technological advancement.”

“In the last two years, the collaboration with Orgenesis in Greece and other territories has been important for Theracell’s aim to advance development of cell and gene therapies for both clinical research and patient treatment utilizing the Orgenesis POCare platform,” said Fotis Sakellaridis, CEO of Theracell.

Theracell is a regenerative biotechnology company with activities in Greece, where its laboratories and facilities are located. Theracell focuses on the fields of autologous cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Theracell has extensive experience in the isolation, treatment and application of adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) as well as somatic cells and has developed a patented platform for tissue engineering and cell therapies in the fields of Dermatology, Chronic Lesions and Chronic Lesions. and has expanded its activity in the field of Immuno-Oncology.

Orgenesis is a global biotechnology company, listed on NASDAQ, that works to unlock the full potential of cell and gene therapy (CGT) in an affordable and accessible form at the point of care. The Orgenesis POCare platform consists of three activation elements: a series of licensed POCare therapies that are processed and produced in closed, automated POCare technology systems in a collaborative POCare network. Orgenesis identifies promising new treatments and leverages its POCare platform to provide a rapid, globally harmonized pathway for these treatments to reach and treat a large number of patients at a lower cost through efficient, scalable and decentralized production.

“We are very proud that we have successfully supported the financing of this emblematic investment, which will become a reference point for innovation, life sciences and biotechnology in Greece”, Costas Vamvakas, CEO of VK PREMIUM stated.

We are very proud that we have successfully supported the founding of this emblematic Joint Venture, approved by the Greek Government under the Strategic Investments framework, which will become a reference point for innovation, life sciences and biotechnology development in Greece.

VK PREMIUM undertakes the submission of proposals for investment plans within the Strategic Investments of National Importance framework and Fast track licensing.

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