Accelerated Strategic Investment

“Acceleration and transparency of implementation of Strategic Investments”

On October 14, 2010, the bill of the Ministry of State, “Acceleration and transparency of implementation of Strategic Investments” was submitted to the Standing Committee of Production and Trade of the Greek Parliament.

The Greek Government, through the “Acceleration and transparency of implementation of Strategic Investments” bill, provides the international and Greek investment community with a stable and transparent investment framework that includes regulations, procedures, and administrative mechanisms for the implementation of major public and private projects.

Through the bill, critical factors that have inhibited major investment in Greece are abolished.

The bill allows business people to proceed without bureaucracy, legal framework complexity, and opacity which, to date, have discouraged investors and significantly delayed the implementation of major projects.

The legislation is aimed at the development of investment projects that deliver long-term, high-impact positive results for Greeceā€™s national economy.

In turn, this will lead to the creation of a more modern infrastructure, advanced transport and telecom networks, and better services to citizens. Improved economic competitiveness, job creation, the production of innovative, high-tech, value-added products and services, and the development of environmentally friendly and socially responsible companies will be achieved.

VK PREMIUM is committed to ensure the achievement of the best results for all investors.