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Greece issues new tenders for state-owned marinas in Alimos and Chios

The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) invite bids to operate two marinas. The investment opportunities in question are the 1,100-berth Alimos Marina, the largest in Greece, and the 170-berth Chios Marina.

The concessions allow the winning bidder to “use and exploit the marina assets for a consideration payable to HRADF for a duration of at least 35 years”.

Investment opportunities

Alimos Marina is the biggest such facility in the Balkans with 1,100 berths for yachts up to 40m (131ft). Its strategic location as part of the Athens urban area and its big land zone are competitive advantages for its development. Today the marina operates mainly as home port for numerous small tourist sailing boats (bare boats). The land area is 210,000sq m.

Advising HRADF in the transaction is Ernst & Young, covering financial aspects, Dracopoulos Vasalakis and Your Legal Partners for legal issues, and Marnet on technical aspects.

With regards to Chios Marina, which is located on the northern side of the coastal zone of the municipality of Chios and has 200 berths for yachts up to 30m (98.5ft) and a land area of 27,000sq m. Advising HRADF for this transaction will be Kantor for financial matters, P Sfikakis & Associates Lawyer Co for legal issues, and Marnet for technical issues.

According to a press statement on Monday, “… both tenders will be conducted in two phases: in the first phase, HRADF invites investors to express interest in each marina within a specific timeframe. The interested investors who meet the pre-qualification criteria, as detailed in the two invitations, available on the HRADF’s website (www.hradf.com), will be eligible and will be invited to participate in the second phase. In the second phase of the tender process, preselected investors will gain access to a Virtual Data Room (VDR) in order to access the data of each marina and then be invited to submit binding financial offers.”

Potential investors for Alimos Marina, either natural persons or legal entities or consortia or joint ventures of legal entities and/or natural persons shall express their interest by submitting a written Expression of Interest (EoI). The EoI should be submitted on January, 16th 2018 to the Fund’s premises. Read More

In a description offered up by HRADF, the Alimos marina is described as one of the most important in Greece and amongst the biggest marinas in the eastern Mediterranean. The upland area of the marina covers an area of approximately 210,000 square meters, while the sea area is approximately 428,000 sq m. The marina, in coastal southeast Athens, currently offers 1,100 berths for leisure vessels of various sizes. The upland area of the marina is also used for dry storage and yacht maintenance and includes buildings of varying use.

Candidates for Chios Marina, either natural persons or legal persons or groups of such persons (consortia, joint ventures etc.) shall express their interest by submitting a written EoI. The EoI should be submitted on Thursday, January 18, 2018. Read More