Marketing planning and strategies

6 February 2013
Key points of the Investment Incentives Law – Greece
25 April 2013

Marketing planning and strategies

The Marketing plans and strategies create a multidimensional function, which analyzes, evaluates and combines all the elements of the marketing mix of each business unit: Product, Distribution, Promotion, Price, People.

Through this process it is possible to highlight the competitive advantages of enterprises, the delimitation of their position against the competition and establish appropriate strategies to achieve brand awareness, increase market share, develop new markets and ultimately maximize their efficiency .

The final marketing plans and strategies are articulated in the following actions:

* Analyze the internal environment of the business.

* Analyze the external environment of the business.

* S.W.O.T. analysis.

* Objectives and marketing strategies.

* Agenda.

* Budget.

* Emergency response plan.

* Events schedule.

* Mechanisms and execution process of the plan.

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