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New subsidy for Services, Wholesale, and Manufacturing – Aid intensity up to 60%

Subsidy for Services, Wholesale, and Manufacturing. 

The program concerns the strengthening of tourism entrepreneurship for small and medium-sized enterprises that will be active or are active in the above sectors, in eligible activities (KAD). 

The submission of applications period has been closed. 

Eligible investment budget: from 30.000 € up to 400.000 €

Subsidy aid intensity 

Minimum aid intensity: 45%.  The aid can be increased as below: 

(a) by 10%, if the investment is made in a remote or fire-stricken or flood-stricken area or small islands  


(b) by 5%, by hiring 1 full-time employee for approximately 2.5 months (0.2 EME), in the first year after completion of the investment. 

Eligible activities (indicative) 

  • Accounting services
  • General medicine services
  • Activities of architects
  • Cardiology medical services
  • Veterinary Services
  • Orthopedic medical services
  • Production of ready meals and snacks
  • Ophthalmology medical services
  • Production of distilled alcoholic beverages
  • Pediatric specialty medical services
  • Playground services
  • Dental services
  • Manufacture of jewelry and related items
  • Plastic surgery medical services
  • Wholesale of organic food
  • Wholesale of lifting and handling equipment
  • Hospital care activities with provision of accommodation
  • Wholesale of bakery products
  • Medical services specializing in surgery
  • Wholesale trade of medical consumables
  • Bicycle repair services
  • Gym services
  • Legal services (attorney)

Aid intensity  

Eligible companies can receive, for each investment plan, aid intensity of up to 60% and up to € 200.000

Frequent questions & answers

1. Are businesses subsidized throughout Greece or only in specific areas?

The subsidy concerns investments in all regions of Greece. 

2. Can a foreign investor receive the subsidy?

The subsidy concerns Greek or foreign citizens that will establish a Greek company (a company with Greek Tax Identification Number)

3.What are the most necessary steps for the preparation of the application?

1.Selection of the land plot or building for the investment 

2.Technical drawings of the building(s) 

3.Total budget of the investment including expenses such as: 

      • Construction works
      • Machinery and hardware
      • Website development, internet advertising 
      • Booking software, commercial software and IT applications 
      • Means of transport (commercial use) 
      • Consulting services

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