Manufacturing and Production
6 February 2013
Warehouse Management System Design & Implementation
6 February 2013

Plant, Distribution Center, Warehouse Layout and Design

Plant, Distribution Center, Warehouse Layout and Design.

We create flexible plant, distribution center and warehouse layout models designed for plant flow improvement and to use space efficiently and effectively.

Whether the warehouse layout is for an existing plant, distribution facility or in a new “greenfield” facility our goal is to fit the space around the function and process vs. fitting the function and process into the


This warehouse design and planning approach has consistently provided our customers with initial capital cost savings and lower operating cost over time.

We work closely with each client’s architect or warehouse design – build construction firm to define the facility requirements for effective and efficient plant, distribution center, or warehouse designs.

Distribution Network Design & Optimization

The defining moment of supply chain performance is the time and place availability of products in response to customer demands for shorter lead-times and lower prices. This is all in the backdrop of aggressive competition and escalating operating cost for warehouse and distribution facilities, equipment, fuel, systems, and insurance. A logistics network optimized to improve customer service and minimize operating cost is a fundamental requirement for the winning enterprise. Determination of the network is a process incorporating strategic and tactical elements.

In the wake of increasingly complicated supply chains, distribution network design plays a key role in controlling the cost of doing business. And, in a world of shrinking margins, controlling the cost of doing business can be the factor that puts you ahead of your competitors.

Distribution Network Design Solutions

An optimal distribution network is intelligently designed to minimize costs by providing the customer the right goods, in the right quantity, at the right place, and at right time.

In most organizations, controlling distribution costs involves striking a balance between warehousing and transportation. While more distribution centers drives down the cost of transportation, the opposite holds true as well.

Our distribution network design services attempt to answer questions like:

  • How many DCs should you have?
  • Where should they be located?
  • What should be the configuration and strategy of each DC?
  • Which group of customers should each DC service?
  • How will customers order from and how will each DC be replenished?
  • How should shipments be scheduled?
  • What should the service levels be?
  • Which transportation methods should be used?