A new subsidy for new tourism accommodation facilities is expected within 2023
New subsidy for new tourism accommodation facilities – Aid intensity up to 60%
13 September 2023
Greek Government approved the biotechnology investment plan from the joint venture of Orgenesis & Theracell under the Strategic Investments framework
€ 32 mil. cash grant approval for a biotechnology investment plan
29 September 2023

€ 25 mil. cash grant approval for the € 99.8 mil. investment plan of Intertrade Hellas

Significant cash grant approval from the Greek state for the €99.8 mil. investment plan of Intertrade Hellas

VK PREMIUM, possessing top expertise and know-how, made a crucial contribution to the successful approval of the €99.8 mil. investment plan of the Greek industry Intertrade Hellas, within the framework of Emblematic Investments of Great Importance.

The investment plan is the only Emblematic Investment to date that has been approved by the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments to receive a € 25 million cash grant.

On the occasion of the announcement of the plan’s approval, Mr. Yiannis Delidimos, CEO of Intetrade Hellas, mentioned:

“I would like to thank VK PREMIUM Business Growth Consultants for their valuable support in the drafting and submission of the Intertrade investment plan that has just been approved by the Inter-Ministerial Committee. The VK PREMIUM team with continuous supervision and guidance contributed significantly to the successful approval of our request for the investment plan’s inclusion in the Emblematic Investments.”

The Greek grant will be used to:

  • Complete verticalization of the production process
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Ensure the best quality of the products produced
  • Construct building facilities and supply of mechanical equipment
  • Create, in a sustainable way, new permanent jobs during the period of operation

At VK PREMIUM we are very proud that we have successfully supported the founding of this emblematic investment.

We would like to thank the management of Intertrade Hellas for their trust in our company!

VK PREMIUM undertakes the submission of proposals for investment plans within the Strategic & Emblematic Investments of National Importance framework and Fast track licensing.

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