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6 February 2013
Geothermal Energy
Geothermal energy
6 February 2013

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

One of the core components of Greece’s energy profile will be solar, or photovoltaic, energy. Greece has a superb sun radiation capacity and it is estimated that one third of Greece’s energy requirements could be met with solar.

Experts believe that the market will grow impressively and have a value of more than 4 billion Euro in just a few years.

Greece is encouraging the development of solar thermal energy and a number of small- and mid-size companies have invested in this sector. As a result, today’s capacity in installed PVs has reached 42MW and is expected to reach 800 MW by 2020.

The largest of these companies install between 20-250 kWp per year while the total annual addition during the last 3-4 years has been on the order of 900kWp.

Advantages of Investing in Solar Energy:

  • Superb solar resources—among the best in Europe.
  • Priority dispatch by the system operator.
  • High feed in tariffs.
  • 20-year PPA (power purchase agreement).
  • Favourable, long-term legislative framework, ensuring investment reliability.
The development of the RES sector in Greece is guaranteed by legally binding targets that require a RES share of total produced energy of 29% by 2020, and 18% of electrical energy production.
Current Feed in Tariffs
A new feed in tariff regime was introduced on January 2009 with the new law 3734/2009 for RES.
The following table presents the new tariffs and the regression beginning August 2010.
Year-month/ Euros/MWhInterconnected SystemNon-Interconnected Islands
>100kW <=100kW>100kW <=100kW
2010 February400,00450,00450,00500,00
2010 August392,04441,05441,05490,05
2011 February372,83419,43419,43466,03
2011 August351,01394,88394,88438,76
2012 February333,81375,53375,53417,26
2012 August314,27353,56353,56392,84
2013 February298,87336,23336,23373,59
2013 August281,38316,55316,55351,72
2014 February268,94302,56302,56336,18
2014 August260,97293,59293,59326,22
From 2015 and after, for each year (v)1,3 *mts(v-1)1,4*mts(v-1)1,4*mts(v-1)1,5*mts(v-1)


mts(ν-1): marginal tariffsystem the previous year ν-1

Superb Incentives
High Feed in tariffs are guaranteed and PPA is issued for 20 years.

Energy Policy Resources

Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness & Shipping (
Regulatory Authority for Energy (
Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (
Hellenic Transmission System Operator (