Up to 40% cash rebate for investments through the audio visual productions in Greece
Up to 50% investment incentives in audio visual productions in Greece
11 May 2021
New legal framework provides incentives for the establishment of Family Offices in Greece
11 May 2021

Strong tax incentives for investments in Greek startups. 50% deduction of the investment amount up to €300K

Recent Incentives for attracting Angel Investors in Greece

According to a recent Joint Ministerial Decision, the Investment Angel (namely an individual in Greece or abroad, with a Tax Identification Number in Greece) will have the right to deduct from his taxable income a sum equal to 50% of the amount of the capital contribution allocated to a start-up company.

Each individual has the opportunity to invest up to 100,000 euros per start-up company and up to three per year, i.e. up to 300,000 euros per year.

The start-up company must be registered in the National Register of Start-ups – Elevate Greece.

In the Joint Ministerial Decision certain details and procedures are described such as the terms and conditions for the determination of a taxpayer – an individual as an “Investment Angel”.
The above-mentioned decision determines the process, time and characteristics of the capital contribution, the process of deduction from the taxable income of the “Investment Angel”, the conduct of audits to verify the observance of the obligations of the “Investment Angels” and the start-up companies regarding the correct application of article 70A of the Law 4172/2013, as added by the provisions of article 49 of law 4712/2020.

This initiative improves the economic climate, strengthens the competitiveness of Greece and demonstrates its strong intention to further attract high caliber investments in Greece.

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