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6 February 2013
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6 February 2013

Supply Chain Strategy Development & Master Planning

Supply Chain Strategy Development & Master Planning

From the start we are focused on proving flexible supply chain, logistics and material handling solutions designed to meet the current and emerging needs of your business. We observe, listen and carefully

document your company’s business and logistics support requirements. Using transactional data that you supply, we quickly model the current and future state. From this foundation we create a comprehensive

strategy, tactics and design focused on achieving customer satisfaction and business goals.

We will work with your vision to assess, develop, and formulate the best supply chain operations strategies for your business, as well as the operating plans that implement the strategies.

We develop and lead your supply chain transformation, while developing the best organizational plan and change management to facilitate supply chain excellence.

A supply chain operations strategy answers the following business questions:
  • Are the supply chain networks — logistics hubs, distribution centers, warehouses, and other facilities — located in the right places with the right missions?
  • Are the flows of goods through the networks efficient with regards to costs? Speed? Accuracy?
  • Are customers satisfied — even delighted — with the company’s services?
  • Is the information flow timely? Actionable? As real-time as necessary? Does it support decisions?
  • Is the cash flow timely? Does the cash-to-cash cycle contribute to leading financial performance?
  • Is the supply chain organization comprehensive (from buy to sell)? Is it collaborative with other business functions? With trading partners?
  • Is the supply chain organization agile? Adaptive? Is supply chain excellence on the executive agenda?