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Costas Vamvakas, CEO of VK PREMIUM Business Consultants LTD, will be a guest speaker, presenting the favorable investment opportunities in Greece, during the conference Cannabis Business Europe 2019 in Cologne, Germany.
Medical Cannabis industry professionals coming from at least 14 different countries, are expected to speak at this year’s Cannabis Business Europe 2019 conference, focusing on that is focused on the development of the European medical cannabis markets.

“Business Opportunities and Regulation in the Greek Medical Cannabis Industry” at Cannabis Business Europe 2019

Costas Vamvakas, will be speaking on the topic “Regulation and Business Strategy”, exhibiting showcasing to all leaders along the Medical Cannabis value chain, why Greece is defined as from various industries, covering areas such as:

  • European cultivation & processing hub for medical cannabis products
  • Low investment & running costs destination
  • Favorable legislative regime

Cannabis Business Europe 2019 – Agenda

C.Vamvakas will be guest speaker during the Cannabis Business Europe Conference, 7th – 8th November 2019, Cologne, Germany.


VK PREMIUM is a consulting group, and a main stream of its services focuses on facilitating the deployment of Medical Cannabis investments in Greece.
The medicinal cannabis market is undergoing rapid and radical changes. It is estimated that the worldwide turnover for medical cannabis is expected to be quadruple in the next three 3 years.
Moreover, according to Prohibition Partners European Cannabis, until 2028, the value of Greek Medical Cannabis market will reach 900 million euro.
In light of the developments above, the Cannabis Business Europe 2019 will showcase the best practices on topics concerning the present and future of the industry, regulation, investment opportunities, production, distribution and business strategy in Europe.
The VK Medical Cannabis division of VK PREMIUM Group, has a concrete expertise in both licensing and business plans development.

  • Specifically, the VK Medical Cannabis team division provides services such as:
  • Expert advice on regularity, policy, licensing issues.
  • Land search and evaluation.
  • Support, preparation, submission & monitoring of applications progress throughout the authorization process, to secure a smooth and fast completion.
  • Necessary updates during authorization process.
  • All mediation services with government and local authorities.
  • Investment deployment through a major support in third parties’ selection and a concrete project management to ensure project implementation without delays.

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7 October 2019

C. Vamvakas will be guest speaker during the Cannabis Business Europe Conference, 7th – 8th November 2019

C. Vamvakas, CEO of VK PREMIUM Business Consultants, will be guest speaker, presenting the favorable investment opportunities in Greece, during Cannabis Business Europe 2019
29 August 2019

Greece gives Green Light to 26 Medical Cannabis Licence verticals

 Speaking to Prohibition Partners, a government spokesperson said they are “very excited about the possibilities of medicinal cannabis” with the […]
24 July 2019

The major Investments for Medical Cannabis taking place in Greece, presented in Europe CBD Expo, London, 12-13 July 2019

Costas Vamvakas,CEO of VK PREMIUM Consulting, participated in panel discussions during Europe CBD Expoheld in London at 12-13 July 2019.
18 May 2019

CANNATEC GREECE SA has been licensed in Greece

Installation license to “CANNATEC GREECE SA” One more installation approval have been issued to the GOLDEN GREECE HOLDINGS Group of Companies active […]

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